Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Giveaways For Pet Lovers!

One of the funnest ways to try and save money with your pet expenses is to try and win giveaways! They only take a few moments, and that excitement over winning something is still as thrilling as when we were kids!

Over at Joan & Riah's Reviews and Giveaways they are giving away a terrific assortment of Newman's Own Organics products! The winner will receive either a dog or cat package with a bunch of great products! The wonderful blogger tried out the products with her own dear dog Miss Freddi, who definitely enjoyed the goodies her mom fed her. The blog does not list what is included in the dog basket (I am assuming dry food, canned food, and a bag of treats), but she did list the cat goodies:

1 lb Dry Adult
5.5oz Turkey can
5.5oz Chicken/Salmon can
3oz Beef Can
3oz Beef/Liver can
3oz Turkey/Vegetable Can
3oz Chicken/Brown Rice can

Newman's Own Organics makes great tasting products that are a terrific value for the money. Though I haven't personally tried their products yet, I can only assume their pet foods are just as high quality. Head on over to Joan & Riah's Reviews and Giveaways to enter the giveaway! There are many chances for you to enter, but hurry! You must enter before October 8, 2011.


If you head on over to Sarafan2's blog she has a terrific giveaway going on as well! Have any of you seen the Shed Monster ads on television? If not, go online and check it out. It seems like a terrific tool to have on hand, especially if you have a chronic shredder in the house! She reviewed the product with her cats, one long-haired and one short-haired, so you can really get an idea of the item. Head on over to Sarafan2's blog and enter to giveaway! There are tons of ways to enter, including a daily entry for Tweets. The contest ends on October 1, so head on over!


Welcome to Four Paw Savings! I am starting this blog to help other pet owners who, like myself, love to find ways to save money on their pet supplies. I will continue to update this blog as I find deals, both in store and online.

Let me tell you about myself. I am a proud pet owner of two little kittens, Boots and Bruin. My fiance and I got them almost 4 months ago, and since then they have provided us with more love and laughs than I thought was possible.

I have always been big into couponing and saving. I remember helping my mother cut out coupons from the paper when I was little, and helping her to match them up with the deals in the ads, so I guess you can say it has always been a part of my life. When my fiance and I moved in together we also moved to a larger and more expensive city, and after noticing how much more our rent and bills cost I knew I had to find another way to save. Over the past three years I have gotten extremely good at finding deals and saving money, and so when our two kitties entered our lives I began to look at pet deals as well, and boy, did I find them!

Owning pets can be a huge financial investment, but there are lots of deals out there to be had if you take the time to look. And don't think you have to sacrifice quality products to save money - there are lots of deals out there for high quality food and products. Even for those pets who have special diets (I know all about this. My poor boy Boots has chronic digestive problems) there are ways to save. They can require more searching and digging, but it can be so worth it when you find that awesome deal.

I will be writing a future post full of tips on finding these deals, so be sure to check back!

Thanks for stopping in!