Saturday, October 1, 2011

Enter to win some terrific giveaways!

Here's another fantastic giveaway! Head on over to Sweeps4Bloggers and enter to win a package of SmartBones Chews for your pooch! These chews are a great alternative to rawhide, which many vets advise against giving to your pup because they have been known to cause digestive problems. There are lots of ways to enter, so be sure to check it out!

SmartBones Chews giveaway ends October 6, 2011 at 8pm PST (11pm EST).

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Wellness Coupons!

Wellness Pet food has put out some new coupons for the month of October! Wellness is a great all natural pet food made in the US, and they have several varieties and flavors of dog and cat foods. I have been feeding my kittens Wellness Kitten Formula canned food since I got them, and they love it.

Save $1 on any can of Wellness dog or cat food
Save $3 on any bag of Wellness dry dog or cat food

Both coupons expire October 20, 2011.

Happy Savings!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

NEW PetSmart $10/$75 online purchase code!

PetSmart has released another coupon code, this time for $10 off any $75 online purchase! Use code PERK10EM1 when checking out - it's even better than getting free shipping! Perfect time for stocking up on any needed pet supplies! The code expires on October 31, 2011, so you have over a month to use it.

Happy Shopping!

Free Kitty Litter! World's Best Cat Litter Rebate

World's Best Cat Litter is one of the leading all natural litters on the market, and they are offering to give you your first bag for free! The litter is made from all natural, whole-kernel corn, and not from milled, refined, or artificial ingredients like many commercial cat litters. World's Best Cat Litter is safe for pets, and is biodegradable and even flushable! And because of it's natural odor controlling and clumping abilities, it is easy to scoop and lasts twice as long as traditional clay litters! This is one of the litters I personally use with my two cats, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Rebate is available on any 7-8 lb. bag of World's Best Cat Litter. When you fill out the form it will give you an expiration based on the day you print the rebate, so be sure to pay attention to the dates.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

$20 Intro-Kits from Halo Pets!

For a limited time Halo Pets is offering an intro-kit for dogs or cats for $20! These kits are regularly $33.48, so if you have been thinking about trying out this food with your pet now is the time to do it! To make it even better, they are offering free shipping on all kits!

The intro-kits include:

Four (4) cans of Spot's Stew
Spot's Stew Chicken Kibble (3 lb. for cats, 4 lb. bag for dogs)
Pouch of Halo Pet's treats

This is a really great all natural food that has won numerous awards, including being the only brand of food recognized by the National Canine Cancer Foundation. There is only one intro-kit allowed per customer, and supplies are limited, so order yours now.

Also, while you are on the site sign up for their email newsletter. In your first email they will send you a coupon for 2 free cans of Halo Spot's Stew, any variety!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Free Royal Canin Cat Food!

Here is a great offer for all you cat lovers. Royal Canin is offering a free Discovery Box filled with samples of each of their Selective formula cat foods! Royal Canin's Selective line was developed specifically for picky cats, and their free Discovery Box allows your cat to try them all and pick out their favorite - no more guess work and half eaten bags for you! The form takes only a few moments, so head on over and request yours before they are gone!

Free Royal Canin Discovery Box!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips on finding pet food deals

Tip #1: Realize that couponing only takes moments, not hours.

Many of us have heard about TLC's show Extreme Couponing. The ridiculous amounts of product these people buy, the crazy checkouts, and the mini-markets these people have in their basements and garages. For those of you who think look at couponing and think "I never could, nor would never want, to do that," please hear me out. Coupons are a great way to save money on the items you need and use, especially on everyday items. Unlike the extreme couponers who spend up to 40hrs. a week clipping and sorting (seriously, who WANTS to do that?!), most people can save lots of money with just a few moments during the week.

Tip #2: Utilize your printer.

Some of the best coupons I have come across have been printables I found online. Some great websites to keep in mind are:

Also from time to time companies will post coupons on their websites. Sometimes these coupons can be really high value coupons, so print them quickly! Oftentimes the better coupons have print limits, and once that is reached the coupon is no longer available.

Tip #3: Keep your eyes out for coupon sources.

Coupon sources are growing. We no longer have to rely on the Sunday paper, but can find coupons online, in stores, and even in magazines. One of my biggest tips is to keep your eyes open for coupons while you are out shopping. No, this does not mean stocking the aisles or buying 40 newspapers. It simply means keeping a lookout, just like you would for an incredible pair of shoes. On a recent trip to PetSmart I noticed that there were coupon displays in many of the aisles. I happen to be buying a bag of cat food, and there on the shelf below was a coupon for two free cans of food if I bought a bag. Had I not kept my eyes open I would have missed the coupon and the two free cans of food I got.

Tip #4: Match up coupons with store deals and promotions.

This is probably one of the best tips out there. Even pet food items go on sale, which is awesome to begin with, but when you top that sale with a coupon the savings get even greater. My cats favorite treats were on sale recently at our local grocery store for $1/pk. Great price, but on top of that I had a coupon for $.75 off when I bought two packs. Lucky for me our store doubles anything up to $.99, so I got two packs for $.25 each! Even without doubling it would have been $1.25 for two packs, instead of $2 with just the sale price, which is a great bargain. Take a glance at your weekly fliers and take a quick walk through your pet store to see what deals you can match up with your coupons!

Tip #5: Email your pet food companies.

This took me a while to learn, and it may seem a little far fetched, but man oh man, how the savings rolled in! Many pet food companies have websites with contact emails. Simply send a quick note to them, either stating how much your pet enjoys the food or that you would like to switch your pet to their food. And then ask if they ever have coupons for their products, and if it would be possible for them to send you some. 9 times out of 10 the company is more than happy to do this, and I have gotten some incredible coupons this way. These coupons are sometimes higher value coupons, making your savings even greater for the minute it took you to type up an email.

Tip #6: Don't give up.

Pet food deals may not be as numerous as grocery deals, so be patient. It may take a while for you to get the hang of using coupons, or the products you use for your pet may not have frequent offers and deals (this is especially true of specialty foods). Keep looking though, because you don't want to miss that terrific deal when it does come along.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another great pet giveaway!

Joan & Riah are at it again with another great pet giveaway! Head on over to their page and enter to win a free 16 oz. bottle of Dr. Katz's Fresh Breath for Dogs and Cats. Oral care is just as important for pets are as it is for humans, and this is a great product to help insure the best oral care for your pet. And how many time's have to heard yourself exclaim how bad your dog's (or cat's) breath it? Probably one too many. So head on over to Joan and Riah's page and enter the giveaway!

There are many opportunities for entries into the giveaway, so make sure you do as many as possible to up your chances of winning! This giveaway ends October 11, 2011.

Giveaway link

(from Joan & Riah's Reviews)

New coupons from Halo for September/October!

Halo is an all natural brand of dog and cat food. They are the only brand recognized by the National Canine Cancer Foundation, and use only fresh meats, poultry, and fish (no chicken meal). Their products can be found at Petco and other specialty pet stores. Here are some great coupons to use:

$2.50 off any Small Breed Spot's Stew, any size
$1.00 off any Liv-a-Little treats
$1.00 off any can of Spot's Stew for dogs or cats
$2.00 off any size bag of Spot's Stew
$3.00 off any bag Spot's Stew, 6 lbs. or larger
$2.50 off NEW grain-free Spot's Stew for cats

All coupons print in .pdf form, and all expire October 15. 2011.

Purina Dog Chow Deal this week at CVS!

This week at CVS Purina Dog Chow (and cat chow) is on sale 2/$9. It is part of a deal where if you spend $15 on select products, you get $3 in ECB (Extra Care Bucks). Try this scenario:

Buy 4 bags of Purina Dog Chow
Use 4 $2 off Dog Chow coupons (you will need two computers to print four, since there is a print limit of two per computer)
Pay $11, get back $3 in ECB

It's like paying $1.75 a bag!