Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Signing up for email lists - Are the savings worth it?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Is it really worth having my inbox flooded with newsletters and various other emails from pet food companies? In my opinion, yes, it is very worth it. Not only are the newsletters often filled with valuable tips, especially for new pet owners, but it is oftentimes how companies release their coupons to the public. Multiple times a month I receive coupons or other special offers in my email, some of them a much higher value than those I would find in the newspaper. Even if you only have one animal it is worth it. I have two cats, and though I will often pick up food for my mother's five (yes, 5!) dogs when I find a good deal, I am not actively purchasing for them. But I do donate a lot (I'm actually in the process of trying to start a pet food distribution day with a local food bank!), and so having those savings available is very worth it to me.

Each person really needs to determine whether it is worth it for THEM as an individual. I personally don't mind deleting multiple emails if I don't feel like reading them - others hate a crowded inbox. One suggestion I will make is to set up an email account separate from your personal email - there are many choices available, such as GMail or Hotmail. That way when I sign up for any newsletters or mailing lists, I can give them my second email address, and keep my main email address for emails that I may need to respond to quickly, such as personal or business emails. It keeps my main email "clutter" free, but still allows me to receive the savings and tips that comes with receiving pet food company newsletters.

Whether or not you choose to sign-up for a company's emails, it is always a great idea to stop by their website from time to time to see if there are any additional savings or deals to take advantage of. That is how I find out about rebates and coupons from new companies, or companies that do not have a mailing list. Here are some great company sites to check out, and while you are there consider signing up for their emails.

Wellness Pet Food: Receive exclusive money-saving coupons in your email.
Halo, Purely for Pets: Sign up for printable coupons and other helpful information.
Holistic Select: Offers new subscribers a coupon for $5 off food!
Nutro: New Canadian subscribers can receive a coupon for $5 CAD off a bag of food!