Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Using reward programs to earn free pet products: MyPoints

I have to admit, I love reward programs. I came across my first online rewards program when I was in high school, over 10 years ago, and I have been addicted ever since. They are a great way to earn free gift cards or other merchandise, and for those of us with pets, can certainly help with the costs of caring for our furry family members.

I will be featuring several reward programs over the coming weeks, doing my best to explain the details of the program and the rewards you can earn.

My absolute all time favorite program is MyPoints. This was the first points reward program I discovered over 10 years ago, and the one that started my addiction. MyPoints allows you to earn points several ways, including reading emails, shopping, completing special offers, surveys, and referrals. The best part? There are lots of ways to earn free points, without needing to spend any money.

What's that you say? Free points?! Yup, it got me hooked too.

Earning Points

Reading emails is the easiest way to earn points, and it costs nothing to do so - just a few mindless moments of your time each day. The emails are called MyPoints BonusMails, and usually come a few times a day. All you do is open the email, click on the advertiser's link, and view the webpage. It's that simple. Most BonusMails are worth 5 points, and though it may not seem like much, those points add up quickly.

Another easy way to earn points is through small questionnaires on the MyPoints website. They change every so often and are usually just a few questions each, so they do not take much time at all. They range in point value, and are another great way to earn some free points.

MyPoints also offers the Point Finder toolbar that you can download to your computer. You earn 100 points for downloading it, and can earn up to 75 points a month for performing searches using the toolbar. You can also receive daily deals and be reminded of other point earning opportunities through the toolbar

In addition to the many great opportunities to earn free points, MyPoints offers points for shopping through their site. If you plan to do any online shopping take a stop in at MyPoints first and see if you can score yourself some extra points. You earn points for each dollar spent at various websites, and simply requires clicking through the MyPoints website. If you are buying something online anyways you might as well get some reward points for it!

Another great way to earn points is by printing out grocery coupons. MyPoints has partnered with coupons.com, and you earn 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem. Earn point while saving money - works for me!

Redeeming Points

MyPoints has some great redemption options. You can earn gift cards to over 150 retailers, from department stores to gas cards to restaurants. Rewards start at 1,650 for a $10 gift card, and go up from there.

Though there are not any rewards specific to pets, there are many great gift cards you can earn that can help to stretch your pet budget. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Kmart, and Target all sell pet products and many have deals on pet supplies to help you stretch that gift card even further. Giftcards to each of these stores are available as rewards through MyPoints. For 4,600 points you can even choose a $25 Visa gift card, or a $50 card for 9,000 points. Amazon.com is another redemption option that offers many products for pet owners. You can even redeem your points for a gift card to treat yourself - perfect for those days when your dog has torn the house apart, your cat drags home a dead mouse, and your child brings home an animal asking "can we keep it?" Haha yes, pet mommies and daddies need special treats too.

MyPoints is a terrific way to earn free gift cards, which can help stretch any pet owner's budget. Pet supplies can get expensive, and using free gift cards to stock up on food or litter or treats can be a big help. Be sure to check out MyPoints.com and see the many things the program has to offer.

(If you do decide to sign up, I would appreciate the referral. Simply contact me with your email address, and I will send a referral link to you)

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