Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Box Hopping with Boots!

Playful does not even begin to describe my kitty Boots. He is energetic, full of life, and into EVERYTHING! He can be such a naughty kitty, often getting into things he knows he shouldn't - like the "kitty cabinet" (where food is stored), a roll of paper towels we forgot to put away, plastic bags waiting to be re-used, etc. Even so, he keeps us laughing, and is one of the sweetest kitties  you could imagine.

From the time he was a kitten, my boy Boots has loved boxes. Anytime we get a new box he is right there, ready to jump in. He loves jumping in and out of the boxes over and over. It doesn't matter what size the box is, he even tries to get into the empty cereal boxes! I wish I had a photo of that - Boots with his head inside the box, his back end sticking out, pushing the box across the kitchen floor trying to get his whole body inside.
He loves to play "Kitty in a Box," where we close up the box and tap on the top as he tries to chase the sound. When we open the box back up he sticks his head out for a second, then curls back up on the bottom of the box so we can close it up again! 

At any given time there are usually several boxes laying around our apartment, waiting for Boots to jump in. And when all his energy is spent, then he curls up in his box for a nap. 

The kitties (Boots and his sister Bruin) and I are participating in a Blog Hop over at Tillman Skates! to win a 1,000 lb. donation of Nature's Balance to our shelter or rescue of choice! The kitties know how important finding the right family is, and how expensive it can be to feed so many animals, and so they want to win the prize to help homeless pets. Look for our weekly entries, and check out the other blogs participating. No matter who wins, the biggest winners are the shelters and rescues that receive the donations. 


Prudence said...

So nice to meet you via the hop! Our kitties love their boxes too! Would rather play in them then play w/ the toys that came in them!

Tillman said...

You're a boxer! Woof!!