Friday, September 28, 2012

Make a Pakt, Make a Difference

Have you heard of SocialPakt?

SocialPakt is a company that works to generate funds for artists and non-profits across the country. During each campaign SocialPakt partners with a local artist to design a unique t-shirt for the non-profits that are then sold on the website for a limited time. Each t-shirt sold donates $6 - $3 to the artist, $3 to the non-profit (the rest of the money is used to cover overhead costs).

Right now SocialPakt is helping several animal non-profits.

One of the several unique & beautiful t-shirt designs available

As you browse these beautiful shirts you will see that many of these non-profits have met their donation goals! You can still buy the shirts and help these wonderful animal welfare organizations with even more donations! These shirts make wonderful gifts, either for yourself or for another animal lover (the holidays are coming up).

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