Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I don't usually post personal stories on here (I leave that up to Boots on his own blog), but today I really wanted to share my Thankful Thursday story.

A few months ago I saw this photo on Facebook.

This sweet kitty had been living with a colony, but when his eye started looking funny (the blue eye, the white looking one was from an old injury) his caretaker called the shelter for help. Sadly, because of his FIV status he could not remain at the shelter. The only choices were to find him a home (which for an FIV+ cat, long time former stray, around 10-15yrs. old with eye problems, is not easy) or to euthanize him. As soon as I saw his photo I knew he was my kitty. He almost immediately fit into our household as if he had always been there. I have young 2 FIV- cats, Boots and Bruin, and they are fine living with an FIV+ old man cat. We love him, and named him Odin.

Two months ago we thought Odin may be heading towards the end. He was sick, and without an expensive test our vet thought that he may have cancer. The test would only confirm the diagnosis, not change the outcome, so we chose to forgo it and instead treat with antibiotics incase in was just a simple stomach infection. My boy Odin decided he was not done, and rebounded, more energetic than before he became sick.

Yesterday again we began to fear the worst. Odin was lethargic, not finishing his food (though still eating some), and was simply not himself. Again we prepared ourselves for the end, only to see a few hours later a sore near his back leg. Within the hour the abscess ruptured, and we headed off to the emergency vet. After spending a good part of yesterday crying, thinking I was about to lose my kitty, it turned out to be a simple fix. I think my Odin was born with even more than nine lives, because anytime something happens he refuses to give up and rebounds.

I picked up my sweet, blind Odin from the hospital this morning. He was in his carrier, and as soon as he heard my voice he perked up, looking around to try and figure out where I was. Today he is home resting with my husband, being every bit a safe, indoor kitty - a total transformation from his life just 6 months ago. Every day I am so thankful for him, and the joy he brings to our home. My special kitty, who uses pee pads instead of a litter box, who gives me headbutts and the loudest purrs, who eats whatever food I feed him and sleeps at my feet under my desk, I am forever thankful for him. Even though his time with us will be short, we love him, and will love him forever. Love you, Odin.

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