Sunday, April 8, 2012

New coupon for Alpo canned dog food!

There is a great coupon over at for Alpo canned dog food, $1.50 off 10 cans. I would suggest printing the coupon now and holding onto it for a good sale, because these coupons are not available all the time.

If you have time available today, print the coupon (you can print 2 from each computer!) and head on over to PetSmart. Right now cans of Alpo are only $.50 each, and after the coupon would only be $.35 each! But hurry, because this deal ends today!

And if you don't have time to make it to PetSmart today, here are some deals for Wal-Mart and Target that you can use the coupon on:


Alpo canned dog food - $.79 each
use $1.50 on 10 cans Alpo dog food
= $6.40 for 10 cans, or $.64 each!


Alpo canned dog food - $.67
use $1.50 on 10 cans Alpo dog food
= $5.20 for 10 cans, or $.52 each!

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